Chamber choir opera for children EJ NU EJ

Chamber choir opera for children EJ NU EJ

State Choir LATVIJA and its Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Māris Sirmais have worked on a special event for the youngest audience of the choir – a chamber opera EJ NU EJ. By this event choir also celebrates its 80th Anniversary.

EJ NU EJ is a musical story composed by Laura Jēkabsone and is based on a poetry book by Marts Pujāts “Ej nu ej”, libretto written by Mārtiņš Meiers. It tells a musical story about a city-living boy and the adventures and emotions he gets while being  at home, in the city (e.g. driving in a tram) and the whole opposite world of the country by the sea. The choir voices will be joined by a boy’s soloist – Reinards Blūmentāls, Aleksandrs Meri or Lūkass Olekšs.

Director and scenographer of the chamber opera is Reinis Suhanovs, choreographer – Elīna Gediņa,  costume designer – Katrīna Pasternaka.

The chamber opera will be performed at the Zirgu  Street Concert Hall  on the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 24, at 18.30 (premier)
  • Saturday, March 26, at 12.00 and 14.30
  • Friday, April 1, at 18.30
  • Saturday, April 2, at 12.00 and 14.30

Main audience: 5-12 years old children

Duration of the concert: 1 hour


The project is realized by the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation and the Education, Culture, and Sports Department of Riga City Council.