Celebrating Orchestra Riga 50th anniversary

Celebrating Orchestra Riga 50th anniversary

This year Orchestra Riga celebrates its 50th anniversary and State Choir Latvia will join their celebration in concert Four American Stories on March 18.

To be aware of the latest repertoire for symphonic bands worldwide, and to introduce with that our local society, is an essential part of the creative work, done by Orchestra RIGA. “By staging this program we want to look again in the direction of USA, because a huge part of the contemporary music for symphonic bands is being created right there,” says Valdis Butāns, the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Orchestra RIGA.


Orchestra RIGA

Conductor – Valdis Butāns 

Clarinet – Anna Gāgane 

Piano – Dmitrij Golovanov/Lithuania/

State Choir “Latvija”


Scott McAllister  – Black Dog, rhapsody for solo clarinet and wind ensemble

Steven Bryant  – Pendulum 

Dana Wilson – Concerto for Jazz Piano and Wind Ensemble

Eric Whitacre  – Godzilla Eats Las Vegas!\