State Choir LATVIJA concert in the Basilica of St.Vitus Ellwangen

Dmitri Bortnianski Geistliches Konzert Nr.8
Geistliches Konzert Nr.29
Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger Messe Es-Dur, op.109
Francis Poulenc Messe in G
Selga Mence Saule pina vainadziņu
Anita Kupriša Ģērbies, saule, sudrabota
Imants Ramiņš Pūt, vējiņi

State Choir Latvija
Conductor – Maris Sirmais

The concert was performed on the 24th of May, 2003 in the Basilica of St.Vitus Ellwangen. The individualistic and original approach of D.Bortnianski, J.G.Rheinberger and F.Poulenc towards spiritual music is based in the churchstyle of 16th century. The program included also pieces by three Latvian composers – S.Mence, A.Kupriša and I.Ramiņš. Dmitri Bortnianski Geistliches Konzert Nr.8, Geistliches Konzert Nr.29, Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger Messe Es-Dur, op.109, Francis Poulenc Messe in G, Selga Mence Saule pina vainadziņu, Anita Kupriša Ģērbies, saule, sudrabota, Imants Ramiņš Pūt, vējiņi. State Choir Latvija, Conductor – Maris Sirmais 2003