State Choir LATVIJA and organist Atis Stepiņš in the Riga Dome Cathedral

Valsts Akadēmiskais koris Latvija
Atis Stepiņš, ērģeles
Diriģenti Māris Sirmais un Inita Mažone

(P)&(C) Valsts Akadēmiskais koris Latvija 1998

1. Miloš Sokola Passacaglia Quasi Toccata sul tema B-A-C-H
2. Maurice Durufle Requiem – Introit, Kyrie
3. Maurice Durufle Requiem – Sanctus
4. Maurice Durufle Requiem – Agnus Dei
5. Benjamin Britten Antiphon
6. Gabriel Faure Requiem – Sanctus
7. Gabriel Faure Requiem – Agnus Dei
8. Gabriel Faure Requiem – In Paradisum
9. Ferenz Liszt Preludio et Fuga sul tema B-A-C-H

The CD recording of the State Choir Latvija and Latvian organist Atis Stepiņš provides insight into French sacred music. It includes excerpts from the Requiems of Gabriel Fauré and Morris Duruflé as well as compositions for organ by Ferenz Liszt, Milosh Sokola and Benjamin Britten. The CD was recorded at the Riga Dome Cathedral on one of Europe’s grandest organs built in 1883- 1884 by Walcker & Co. The musical selection, church acoustics and professional performance of the choir together with the heartfelt, virtuoso organ music makes for a meditative and breathtaking musical experience that is simply out of this world.