Eesti Kontsert’s Opening of the Concert Season | Oratorio HIIOB




Estonia kontserdisaal

Oratorio in two parts for mezzo-soprano, baritone, two basses, mixed choir, male choir, children’s choir, organ and orchestra.

In Estonian sacred music, three oratorial works stand as mountain peaks among the others: “Des Jona Sendung” by Rudolf Tobias, “Estonian Requiem” by Cyrillus Kreek and oratorio “Hiiob” (1929) by Artur Kapp, the premiere of which in 1931 became a major event in Estonian musical life. After the break of 27 years, this impressively large composition will be brought back to the audience by maestro Neeme Järvi.



Tuuri DEDE, mezzo-soprano

Tamar NUGIS, baritone

Raiko RAALIK, bass

Ain ANGER, bass

Girl’s choir ELLERHEIN

State Choir LATVIJA

Estonian National Male Choir

Estonial National Symphony Orchestra (ERSO)

Conductor Neeme JÄRVI

September 20, 2024