26 SGMF | PREMIERES. Ligeti 100




Riga St. Peter's Church

State Choir Latvija

Conductor Māris Sirmais



György Ligeti Lux Aeterna


Jēkabs Nīmanis Hymni Misericordia

Matej Kastelic Lux Et Origo

Aleksandrs Avramecs Ex Infinito

Renāts Nikolajs Cvečkovskis Mama


Programmina _ PIRMATSKANOJUMI_Ligeti100


We will celebrate the 26th Inernational Sacred Music Festival finale on the 31st August at Riga’s St. Peter’s Church with the traditional concert of new works, which will also be dedicated to the memory of György Ligeti’s 100th birthday. Pieces written by Latvian composers for the State Choir LATVIJA and conductor Māris Sirmais include Hymni Misericordia (Hymn of Compassion) by Jēkabs Nīmanis, who has used a sacred hymn whose text unites people with common values. Young composer Aleksandrs Avramecs’ work Ex Infinito reflects on the eternity of time, movement and birth, while Renāts Nikolajs Cvečkovskis honours the Virgin Mary in his piece Mama (Mother) for the Dormition of the Mother of God feast day, which is significant in the Orthodox Church. There is great interest around the premiere of young Slovenian composer Matej Kastelic’s mass Lux et Origo in which the composer, who is already well-known in Europe, explores the relationship of mysticism between God and people, explaining: “If one wants to believe in anything – God, religion, or simply honourable society, people, or even love – he must believe in himself first. That is how we should see every religion. This is also the reason for me to keep observing my thoughts and feelings, to deepen my mind – to be able to see the world clearly from my unique perspective. I believe in “God”, that is already in me, for the sake of expressing the best version of myself.” Meanwhile, the programme will end with the unending radiance of György Ligeti’s spiritually ethereal work Lux Aeterna (Eternal Light).


August 31, 2023.